28 Inch USCutter Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter Review

Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter

The Titan 3 vinyl cutter is an upgrade of the highly successful Titan 2. The Titan 2 was great as a vinyl cutting machine in many ways. The Titan 3 piles up with more benefits to make itself a better unit than its predecessor. The makers, USCutter, scores well with this new cutting machine of theirs.

The Titan 3 is priced reasonably. It cuts with precision and accuracy. And, it has a bucket load of benefits to provide to its user. This review will break down all the essential aspects of this cutter.

titan 3 vinyl cutter

Notable Features

  • Powered by the servo motor for precise and accurate cutting
  • Durable built composed of metallic parts
  • True USB feature to send files directly from software to the cutter
  • Vacuum Hold Down feature for stronger grip over media while cutting
  • Excellent Contour Cutting ability along with Automatic Registration Mark Sensor feature
  • Enabled with spooling feature
  • Can work with a diverse range of media
  • Package includes stand and media basket
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC

Details Features of 28 Inch USCutter Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter

Body & Design

To start off with, the Titan 3 vinyl cutter is one of the best vinyl cutters that one can easily deem to be long-lasting. The first thing you will notice about this cutter is the finely constructed unit and its frame made of aluminum. This is a unit that promises to stand the test of time.

The manufacturers put a great deal of thought while putting together the design of this unit too. Take the LCD screen for instance. It is well-positioned and its functionalities are bound to enhance the user experience. With the well laid out control panel, you can expect to run operations and adjust cutting settings pretty easily. The pen and blade holders add to convenience as well.

The catch media basked is provided for free with the Titan 3 so rest assured, you will not have waste flying everywhere. The stand is provided too thankfully so no extra expenditure to buy one of them.

titan 3 vinyl cutter


The Titan 3 can cut all the materials that Titan 2 is capable of cutting. In fact, this one can cut a few more items. The Titan 3 has a maximum force of up to 750g. From what we found, the ‘Vacuum hold’ function of the Titan 3 makes it better than Titan 2 when it comes to lighter materials.

Basically, this feature ensures a stronger hold over materials being used. More on that is covered in the later sections. To give you an idea here is a list of items that the Titan 3 can cut:

  • Vinyl
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Hard Paperboard
  • Paint Mask Material and Window Film
  • Sandblast Stencil
  • and more

Cutting Size

The Titan 3 has 3 versions of different cutting width. One version has a width of 28 inches, another one has a width of 53 inches and the biggest one has a width of 68 inches. The cutting length is the same for all three versions at 25 feet.

Software & Connectivity

The Titan 3 comes with one of the best software out there which is VinylMaster Cut. As great as the software is, it doesn’t work with Mac, unfortunately. Mac users will have to get a Keyspan adapter to use this or use Sure Cuts A Lot for this machine.

VinylMaster Cut as a software is rich with features. The smart vectorizing ability and the image trace features make it possible to work with almost any and every image. The software gives the liberty to import AI, EPS and PDF files easily without any hassles.

There are thousands of pre-loaded logos and clip arts in the software too that you can work around with. The more time you spend with the software the more you will get to learn and use the various editing features ranging from welding to manipulating paths among others. You can tweak around with stuff like texts, nodes, curves, etc. too with this software.

The biggest highlight of the VinylMaster Cut software, however, is the Automated Registration Mark Sensor function. With this feature, the Titan 3 uses its optical eye to put registration marks across the design in order to produce the most precise of contour cutting. You can preview it before getting things done too using the software.

If you feel changes are necessary, then you can set the registration marks manually as well. The spool feature in this software is great too. It helps queue jobs effectively on the basis of color when there are various orders to process.

By working on one color among designs at a time only, the spooling feature makes sure that you work with multilayered workflows of various colors comfortably without having to switch roles of different colored vinyl.

The only drawback in this regard is the fact that the VinylMaster Cut software doesn’t work with Mac. As a result, Mac users will miss out on the ARMS functionality too which won’t function in Sure Cuts a Lot.

Titan 3 is equipped with the True USB feature which allows sending files directly to the machine from your cutting software.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any scope for wireless connectivity with this machine.

titan 3 vinyl cutter

Cutting Performance

The Titan 3 maintains the great cutting ability of its predecessor, Titan 2. In fact, the Titan 3 takes things a step forward. The ARMS feature as we mentioned earlier makes the Titan 3 a great machine for contour cutting.

This is to a great extent made possible by the servo motor which not only makes this a decently quiet machine but also makes sure that the cutting is precise. The Titan 3 is the go-to machine if you want to work with complex and tricky designs.

The speed and force of cutting here are very much adjustable. You can adjust the settings easily from the User interface in the LCD screen. The maximum cutting speed for the Titan 3 is 37 inches per second.

Where the Titan 3 wins by miles compared to its predecessor is when it comes to working with lighter materials. There is this feature named ‘Vacuum Hold Down’ which gives the machine a better grip over the material being used.

This helps a lot in maintaining accuracy and precision for those of you who tend to work with lighter materials a lot. The better gripping ability comes in very handy while working with longer cuts as well. The Titan 3, in general, has 3 pinch rollers.

The Titan 3 does not disappoint one bit. It improves upon where the Titan 2 left off, however, the problem with Mac users running the VinylMaster Cut software persists.

This is a great machine that most people would like regardless of whether you are just a serious craftist or decal based business owner or a sticker trader. The contour cutting, the power and the user-friendliness of the machine is something that makes Titan 3 worth every penny.


  • A versatile machine that can work with various materials
  • Great software with loads of user-friendly features that make life easier
  • Great contour cutting ability coupled with the Automated Registration Mark Sensor
  • Machine scores well with precision and accurate cutting
  • Great for light materials
  • Spooling feature to queue tasks properly
  • Equipped with the True USB feature


  • The software will not work with Mac OS. Other alternatives have to be used which will not support ARMS feature

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