USCutter 28-inch Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter/Plotter Review

titan 2

The good pricing coupled with the benefits it provides made Titan 2  from USCutter one of the most popular cutters in the market. After closely researching this vinyl cutting machine, there is absolutely no doubt among us that this is one of the best units out there that you can get your hands on.

This review will cover the essential aspects of the Titan 2 from USCutter. Once you’re done reading the entire thing, you’ll have a good idea if this cutter is worth the money or not. We would say that the Titan 2 is a great option for sign makers, decal business owners, and serious craftists as it can easily take care of complex operations and tasks which one has to deal with in the professional field.

titan 2

Notable Features

  • Powered by the servo motor for precise and accurate cutting
  • True USB feature to send files directly from software to the cutter
  • Spooling function enabled to queue tasks based on color
  • Adjustable cutting speed and cutting force
  • Great for contour cutting. Enabled with both manual and automatic contour cutting

Details Features of USCutter 28-inch Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter


Straight off the packaging, you will see a cutting machine that is well-built and strong. USCutter did take aspects like sturdiness and toughness seriously while constructing the Titan 2. The machine’s frame is made mostly of high-quality aluminum. As far as physical toughness is concerned, the Titan 2 can easily handle the long hours of operation that a commercial cutter often has to go through.

The LCD screen and control panel are well-laid out in the cutting machine’s body. As we will emphasize later in this review, the Titan 2 is very user-friendly. Making changes and setting the speed, pressure and other aspects is fairly easy using the screen and the buttons in the panel. The machine’s body also has blade and pen holders.

The makers, USCutter, thankfully provided a media catch basket and stand with the packaging. This means you won’t have to purchase them separately. Both quite handy items in themselves.

Cutting Size

The Titan 2 is available in three editions of different cutting widths. One version has a cutting width of 15 inches while another one has a width of 28 inches and the last one offers a massive 53 inches in cutting width.

Word of caution though is that although the name would suggest 28 inches, in actuality you’ll get a width of about 24 inches.

The cutting length stands at 25 feet for all the versions.


With good quality blades and a maximum cutting force of about 750g, the Titan 2 is able to handle quite a lot of materials. It can take care of materials like vinyl, adhesive & heat transfer vinyl as well as low and high intensive reflective materials with ease.

Apart from those, the Titan 2 works great with items like sandblasting mask, laminate, cardstock, paint mask stencil among other things.

titan 2

Software & Connectivity

The USCutter Titan 2 comes with the Vinyl Master Cut. It is a pretty great software, however, the sad part is that Mac Users will not be able to use the Software. Mac users will have to rely on Sure Cuts A  Lot to run this machine with.

However, the much desired Automated Registration Mark Sensor feature which helps a lot with quality contour cutting cannot be used through Sure Cuts A Lot of software.

This means that Mac users will lose out on this great contour cutting feature since it only works with Vinyl Master Cut software. However, Mac Users can consider buying a Keyspan adapter to work around with things.

VinylMaster Cut has only earned praises from our part. It can work easily with poor quality images. The software allows easy import of AI, EPS and PDF files. The software’s vectorization tools and the image trace feature works fluently to process images for use or edit.

The software works with all the major image formats in use nowadays. In this software, we came across a slew of functions ranging from fonts, curves, shapes, logos, text tools and more. Once you spend a bit of time with the software you’ll easily get used to doing tasks like customizing shapes, welding and manipulating paths with this software.

The highlight of the VinylMaster Cut is the Automated Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) feature which makes life really easy and takes contour cutting to the next level. It recognizes registration marks across the design by itself to fix cutting paths for contour cutting.

The user can set the registration marks manually too using the VinylMaster Cut. The software allows previews before cutting eventually takes place. That way you can make quick fixes too where you feel they are necessary.

Those users who plan on running large operations with this machine will also love the spool function. While working with various colors, this function will allow you to sort jobs and queue them up on the basis of colors.

This way, only the parts of a design containing the color being used currently will be cut upon eliminating the need for switching different colored vinyl rolls. Spooling feature ensures that a user can work with more than one multilayered, multi-colored workflow which is a blessing for those who have various deadlines with parties to meet.

The Titan 2 requires USB connectivity. Unfortunately, there is no option for wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth or Ethernet with this one. Another drawback for what is an otherwise great machine.


To start off with, the Titan 2 is powered by a very decent servo motor. This means that not only are the cuts really great but the cutter is a pretty quiet one too. Work stress affects all of us and if our machine is a quiet one, it does help make things calmer and more peaceful isn’t it?

The cutting force is pretty great. This unit can go up to about 750g if required. Add to that Titan’s blades and the machine will be cutting across materials smoothly. The maximum cutting speed for the Titan 2 is 37 inches per second. It is not the fastest cutter out there but it one of the best at the price it comes for. Aspects like cutting speed and force can be easily adjusted as per need.

As far as cutting goes, we only have compliments for the Titan 2. It cuts around the tricky parts of a complex design with ease and tries to make life as easy for the user. There are 4 pinch rollers in total. The rollers are close to each other which makes cutting the smaller pieces such as scrap easy. The weeding process is a trouble-free one too.

The VinylMaster Cut software provided can be delightful in many cases for the user. The ability to tweak around with the registration marks and the cutter’s cutting precision makes contour cutting a delight with this machine. People in the decals and sticker trade would love to get hold of this machine. Other features like a spool, etc. only make the experience better.


  • Great for precision cutting. Automated Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) makes it even better on this regard
  • A versatile machine that can work with various materials
  • The well-built machine that can serve long hours
  • Great cutting force and overall cutting ability
  • Helpful software with loads of user-friendly features


  • Software doesn’t work with Mac OS.

The USCutter is clearly built for the long haul and can work several hours at a stretch.

Very few commercial cutters out there deserve the value for money tag as much as the Titan 2 does. It cuts well. Is well made and has various functions. What else can we ask as users?

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