Sizzix Eclips2 Starter Kit Review (US Version)

Sizzix Eclips2

The Sizzix Eclips2 Starter Kit as the name would suggest is an upgrade of the highly successful Eclipse cutter made by the same manufacturers. The Eclips2 is not just an upgrade. It is better and improved in a lot of ways compared to its predecessor and touches the same levels of excellence that Sizzix cutters are known for.

There are few areas where the Eclips2 falls short. But there are several aspects where this cutter excels. This is one unit that those of you into scrapbooking, paper-based crafts or making cards will particularly love. Read the whole review to find out more about this unit.

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Sizzix Eclips2

Notable Features

  • Automatic selection of speed and pressure feature available in case you can’t figure out the right settings for the material being used
  • Laser Cut Preview feature to foresee the cut before it is made
  • Works with fabrics like vellum, paper, cardstock, cardboard among others
  • Blade Depth is adjustable
  • Capable of cutting very accurately and precisely; Can deliver defined, sharp edges instead of round ones
  • A true Scoring feature that eliminates perforations

Details Features of Sizzix eclips2 Starter Kit

Body & Design

As can be seen in the pictures, the Eclips2 is both modest looking and sophisticated at the same time. No tacky colors or funky designs, the Eclips2 does well in meeting the aesthetic demands. This machine will easily look decent on any desktop.

Speaking of size dimensions, the Eclips2 is about 26 inches long. This unit will easily fit upon any desktop with ease. You can expect not to go through too much of struggles as far as accommodating this machine is concerned.

The user panel is placed right at the side of the machine. The panel helps a lot during cutting helping the user adjust the proper settings. Details on that regard are talked about in the upcoming sections.

Cutting Size

The Eclips2 has a cutting width of 12 inches. This is a machine that is made mainly for home-based crafters and hobbyists.

The Eclips2 is not meant for use for commercial purposes.


The Sizzix Eclips2 works with a limited range of materials. However, it cuts with precision and force as far as those materials are concerned. Luckily for a lot of you out there, the Eclips2 works well with all different types of materials that you usually work with.

Materials that this machine can handle smoothly include vellum, fabric, vinyl, cardstock, iron-on heat transfer, paper and sticker paper.

With a powerful engine that gives the machine a cutting force of 600g, the Eclips2 cuts the above materials and similar ones with ultimate precision. During our observation, we found that the Eclips2 is incredibly fast too.

In fact, it is much faster than other cutters in its category such as Cameo or the Explore unit from Cricut. When it comes to working with intricate designs, the Eclips2 regularly takes 4-10 minutes less than the other popular machines in the market.

However, the Eclips2 cannot work with materials like rubber, leather or sheet metal. In case you intended to work with such materials, you should consider another cutting machine.


The machine comes with a free download of eCAL Lite software. The good part is that the software works smoothly in Windows PCs as well as Macs and Android devices.

If you really want to harness the power of this machine to the fullest, we seriously recommend that you get an upgrade of the Lite version because the default version which comes with the Eclips2 is highly underwhelming.

The free Lite version will allow you to do the basic activities only. You can create designs as well as experiment with various shapes and letters within one cut also. Under the Lite various, you can use various True Type Fonts and Open Type fonts. You’ll also be able to use the fonts stored on your computer already.

But once you get the upgrade to eCAL2, you will get access to loads and loads of features and add-ons. You can import your files with ease. It can be pretty much any image. Adobe Illustrator files and SVG format files can be imported with a few clicks only. Apart from that, you will also get to use the Print 2 Cut feature and auto-tracing features too.

Having eCAL2 will give you access to loads of fonts that are up in Eclips’ store. With an upgrade to eCAL2 you can even create rhinestone templates and lattice shapes.

eCAL Lite is decent if you are a complete newbie. But for all the added features that the eCAL2 provides, you should definitely go for the upgrade. Click here to buy an upgraded membership for the best price.

The Eclips2 does not have Bluetooth connectivity feature. We wish it did however it doesn’t. Hopefully, Sizzix will take notice of this and provide Bluetooth connectivity in the upcoming models.

Cutting Quality

The strength of Eclips2 lies in the fact that it can cut intricate, complex designs with perfection. This and a few other features make this the ideal machine for scrapbooking, paper crafting, making cards and similar activities. The blades of Eclips2 cuts precisely nearing almost perfection leaving you with very little risk of error with your works.

The Eclips2 can integrate multiple layers of various letters and shapes in one cut. That speaks a lot of this little machine’s potential. However, for all its excellent cutting prowess, if one thing disappointed us it was the fact that this machine doesn’t have the ability to engrave or emboss. We personally wish the Eclips2 came with that ability.

The Eclips2 is loaded with customer friendly features though. It gives you the ability to auto-select the settings to you for cutting. If you are unsure what adjustments to make for the material you are working with, leave it to the machine to determine the cutting pressure and depth by itself. Speaking of which, the blade depth is adjustable in the Eclips2.

If you make gift boxes a lot, you are bound to fall in love with the True Scoring feature of the Eclips2. The machine delivers as promised. The folds are almost always clean and perfect with no perforations.

The Preview feature is a gift from heavens. It allows you to see how the cut will eventually turn out before the machine gets down to work. That way, you can tweak things where you feel is necessary before disaster ends up striking.

The in-built Scrap Cut mode of the machine tries to use as much of the material as possible leaving behind as little wastage as it possibly can.

Sizzix Eclips2


  • User-friendly machine and relatively easy to get accustomed with
  • Great cutter for intricate designs
  • Equipped with Bluetooth feature,
  • Overall amazing cutting ability


  • Cannot work with thick materials
  • The Free edition of the  Software has few features

The Sizzix Eclips2 isn’t one of those machines that were meant to do it all. However, it is pretty great at what it does. For those with a penchant for handmade objects, you will love this machine. It cuts the materials it is capable of working with excellently and is a champion by its own rights when it comes to working with complex and intricate designs. The Eclips2 is priced pretty modestly too for what it brings to the table.

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