Sizzix 660540 Big Shot Express Cutting & Embossing Machine Review

Big Shot Express review

The Big Shot from Sizzix has been one of the highest selling machines of its kind in all of history. The Big Shot Express is an upgrade of it and if you ask us, it is a very deserving successor to the highly successful Big Shot. This time around, the Big Shot Express has an electric engine and is more powerful than before.

One of the biggest benefits of buying highly popular machines like the Big Shot or Big Shot Express is that you are guaranteed to find a big online community of users who are always willing to help you out if ever any issues arise.

So how does the Big Shot Express fare in terms of performance? It is a pretty decent unit if you ask us. This detailed review will break down everything that you need to know about the latest marvel from Sizzix.

Details Features of Sizzix 660540

Body & Design

Out of the box, it won’t take you too early to notice the simplistic and sophisticated design of the Big Shot Express. This time around, the Big Shot Express does not have a turn handle like the previous version.

This is due to the fact the Big Shot Express is a thorough electric cutter that can do the cutting and embossing from the press of a button. Previously in the Big Shot, the user had to turn the crank around to get things done. That’s no longer the case.

The Big Shot Express design has been used for easy use with hands. Since its DIY Cutter, ergonomics was a key issue and the design of the machine will ensure that it doesn’t strain your wrists. And this unit isn’t also the type that will break easily. It’s safe for use by kids considering that they used a great deal of good quality metal materials for making it last for long periods of time.

The absence of handle will give you a lot of freedom regarding placing the cutter. You can pretty much put it on any desktop considering it’s only 14 inches long. The machine weighs about 9.6 lbs. so you’ll be able to move this one around with ease also.

Cutting Size and Versatility  

The Big Shot Express, just like Big Shot, is a small machine mostly targeted towards hobbyists. This isn’t one of those large units that you will use for commercial purposes. The Big Shot Express is best suited for home based crafters, hobbyists and for activities like making cards, making signage, decals, scrapbooking, etc. The width of the machine stands at 6 inches.

The Big Shot Express works very well with a certain range of materials. Being equipped with a motor, the Express cuts with greater force and precision.

Materials that the Big Shot Express can work with include fabrics, vellum, felt, leather, chipboard, papers, cardstock, vinyl, etc. When it comes to die cutting, various dies from various companies are eligible for use with this machine.

Cutting Performance

The Big Shot Express only got better than the Big Shot when it comes to cutting and embossing. Not having to move a handle and simply having to press a button to get things done to make for a great user experience.

If you do a lot of die cutting, you will appreciate how you no longer have to turn a handle and simply get things done by pressing a button. Repetitive turning is bound to leave the hands aching at times.

The Big Shot Express makes quite clean and perfect cuts too. We mentioned earlier how card-makers and those into scrapbooking will love this machine.

In fact, the Sizzix Big Shot Express has all the necessary ingredients for signage making and working with decals as well. This unit is a hobbyist’s delight. However, it offers only six inches of cutting width so in case you were planning bigger commercial projects, this machine will never quite fit the billing. During our research, the beautiful embossed details left by the machine also impressed us thoroughly.

The makers were thoughtful enough to provide die adapters, an extendable platform and cutting pads so that you can get going with comfort. We also loved the overload protection that is integrated into this simple looking machine. It helps protect the unit from material jams during operations. The platforms can be fed from either direction.


  • The user-friendly machine that is easy to use
  • Great cutting ability overall
  • Has embossing feature


  • Is not eligible for use for heavy tasks

To conclude, the Big Shot Express is a worthy successor to the Big Shot. It improves greatly in most places and is bound to give the users greater satisfaction. Sizzix has another champion machine in their list now. Definitely worth a buy!

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