5 Best Vinyl Cutting Software Out There

best vinyl cutting software

The blades and the motors in a vinyl cutter play a great role in determining its performance. However, the most important component of a user’s experience with a vinyl cutter is determined by its software. Indeed, sometimes a cutting machine software is the one that enables a cutting machine to pull off great tasks as bringing life to intricate designs or doing unique tasks like printing and cutting at once or registering marks around designs to perfection. It is no coincidence that the best vinyl cutting machines in the market are also the ones that usually have the best vinyl cutting software.

The market today is filled with different vinyl cutter software. Which one should you pick? Well, there is no simple answer to that question. Every software comes with their own set of traits, features and drawbacks. To add to that, cutters nowadays come with their own default software which is usually Sure Cuts A Lot or some other software that the cutting machine manufacturers made themselves.

We guess each user will be comfortable with a particular software while someone else will find another software more befitting for use. Which software a crafter thinks is the best will depend largely on what sort of tasks they are mostly into. Chances are, the software they consider best is so because it performs that one particular task they mostly carry out better than other software.

Here in this article we tried to jot down the best five software in the market. You can always differ with our opinions. But we took a great lot of things into consideration while preparing the list. We truly believe that these software have what it takes to turn a good cutting machine into a great one.

  1. Easy Cut Studio

    What we love the most about Easy Cut Studio is its layering ability which makes it possible for crafters to work and cut seemingly complicated designs. Easy Cut Studio can be used for working with separate layers as well as grouping them together to give life to great shapes.

    Apart from that, Easy Cut Studio software is loaded with cutting and editing features to draw and edit everything starting from shapes, logos, texts and more. It can work with SVG files and export the same format too. Apart from that, Easy Cut Studio works well with AI, PNG, BMP, etc. kind of formats. The software itself is preloaded with loads of fonts and shapes that you can work with.

    Easy Cut Studio has decent tracing and vectorizing ability. And how can we forget the Print & Cut function which allows the cutter to print and cut simultaneously.

    Easy Cut Studio is eligible for use with majority of the leading brands be it Silhouette, Roland, Graphtec, US Cutter among others.

  2. Sure Cuts A Lot

    One of the favorites among crafters of all skill levels. Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) can work with both TrueType and OpenType fonts. This software too has the Print & Cut function along with an auto-tracing ability which will get your designs reading for being cut in very little time.

    SCAL can not only work with SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, etc. formats but also embroidery formats such as PEC, PES, HUS among others. SCAL is also loaded with loads of drawing and editing abilities along with pre-loaded shapes for you to work with. It can operate with ease in both Windows and Mac OS. Thanks to its popularity, there is a big community of SCAL users online. You can join one of the forums for help and to get going with this software.

    SCAL is eligible for use with leading machines from Vinyl Express, US Cutter, Silhouette and many others.

  3. CorelDraw

    The first things that will make an impression on you about CorelDraw are its customer-friendly interface and the tracing feature. It supports most major formats including SVG.

    CorelDraw perhaps have one of the widest collection of editing and designing tools. It is loaded with effects that you can apply and considering that this software specializes in working with vector images, you will have an easy time getting around with it.

    Lastly, CorelDraw is stuffed with design templates you can get going with from day 1.  

  4. Inkscape

    The best part about Inkscape is that it’s free! You can work with designs, create logos and do a lot of other stuffs using this software. And considering it’s free, Inkscape is a great option to learn with if you are totally new with vinyl cutters. Inkscape is packed with a variety of tools such as shape tool, text tool, calligraphy tool apart from the node editing function which is a delight for any user in itself.

    Inkscape software can work with SVG files and has its own tracing feature as well. There is a strong community of Inkscape users available online who can help you when you are starting off with this software.

  5. Adobe Illustrator

    The best was saved for the last and Adobe Illustrator (AI) without a doubt is the best in the business too. Not to mention, AI is probably one of the most sophisticated, feature rich software out there in the market as well.

    AI is filled with a large stack of preloaded designs that you can use to get off to a good start and in fact you can modify them too. It will take us all night to cover in details all the tools, filters and effects that this software comes with but we believe that this has one of the widest collection out there.

    The assortment of design and editing tools in Adobe Illustrator is second to none. Once you have mastered AI, it will be a tough task to shift to another software. The easier to use Pen based tool for maintaining proper curvature is another big plus. Lastly, this software works great with SVG files.

All in all Adobe Illustrator is definitely the best software out there in the market. Be it for vinyl cutting, creating logos or corporate designs, AI is usually a software you can rely on.

AI can be a bit confusing for new users but thankfully the Internet is filled with tutorials and courses to help you get going.

So that was all from us. Here we covered some of the leading vinyl cutting software in the market today which make the best vinyl cutting machines what they are. Choose yours carefully. Do remember that by dedicating sufficient time, you too can master any of the software and get the maximum juice out of it. 

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