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Best Vinyl Cutters Reviews 2018 | Top Vinyl Cutter Guide

best vinyl cutters

Identifying the best vinyl cutters can be a difficult task nowadays. The market is filled with thousands of models and picking the right one only gets harder with too many options around. That is where the vinyl cutter reviews and guide here at FullyReviewed.net come in.

Our reviews here feature the leading models in the market nowadays so that you are able to easily identify and purchase the best vinyl cutting machine that meets all your needs. Too often, people end up buying the wrong machine for themselves. Our easy guide here will try to ensure that you are not one of such people.

The Best Vinyl Cutters in the Market Today

Best Personal Cutting Machines for Hobbyists

1. Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

best vinyl cutters

The Scan N Cut 2 from Brother can be a good buy for Hobbyists, seamstresses and those of you who are into scrapbooking. It has a cutting width of about 11.7 inches and a cutting length amounting to about 2 feet.

The Scan N Cut 2 works pretty smoothly with materials whose thickness lie within 2 mm. You would have an easy life with this unit if your work mostly revolves around materials like vinyl, fabric, scrapbooking paper, etc.

However, the Scan N Cut 2 will stammer and struggle with thicker materials like sheet metals and such. The Scan N Cut 2 was absolutely wonderful with light fabrics. Seamstresses would love having this unit around. We particularly loved how easily this cutter allows to customize the seam allowance as per need.

In addition to that, the cutting speed and pressure can be easily adjusted as well depending on which material is being worked with. The details for customizing is easily laid out on the LCD screen in the cutter.

The 300 DPI scanner that is integrated to the Scan N Cut 2 is another great feature. It perfectly scans most designs that you put into it. In fact, it gives options to scan either in color mode or grayscale mode also. Scrapbooking enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this feature.

The Scan N Cut 2 comes with a software made by its manufacturers named Scan N Cut Canvas. For starters, it is full of tutorials inside that will help any newbie to the software settle in easily. It has about 631 designs and fonts that you can use for free. We loved how easy file conversion is with the Canvas.

Be it converting to SVG of FCM format, the canvas does it without troubling much. While files can be transferred to this unit, it will require you to buy an activation card that is sold separately. You can find it here. The Canvas software can’t create intricate designs like Illustrator but you can always get them converted from elsewhere to fit this software.


  • Customizable settings
  • Good for seamstresses and scrapbooking enthusiasts
  • User-friendly design


  • Not for thick material
  • Requires card activation for file transfer

All in all, the Scan N Cut 2 is a good vinyl cutter. Not the best but better than most definitely.

2. Sizzix Eclips 2

With a cutting width of 12 inches, the Eclips2 is a vinyl cutter that will easily fit upon any desktop. But don’t let that fool you though. With a massive cutting force of 600g and high-quality blades, the Eclips2 makes in in our list of best vinyl cutters thanks to its ability to cut tricky designs with ease.

The main strength of Eclips2 lies in the fact that it can cut intricate designs smoothly. This makes it a perfect choice for particularly those interested in tasks like scrapbooking, paper crafts, making cards or gift boxes. If you are into them, you will love this machine and how well it works with complicated designs. The folds delivered by the Eclips2 are perfect and rarely if ever involves perforation.

Materials that the Eclips2 works well with include: sticker paper and paper, vinyl, vellum, cardstock, iron-on heat transfer, etc. However, this isn’t an apt machine if you plan on working with materials like leather or rubber.

The big letdown was the free software of Eclips2. It lets you do the basic stuff but we strongly recommend you buy the upgrade to get the best out of the machine. With the free Lite edition, you can experiment with designs and create new ones too.

The upgrade to eCAL 2, however, will let you import AI and SVG format files easily. You will also get access to Print 2 Cut Feature and auto-tracing feature as well. The Lite version is good if you are completely new with crafts but as you move ahead you’ll be better off with the upgrade to eCAL 2.

Apart from all that, the Eclips2 is a user-friendly machine as well. It has a user-friendly panel. It has a Preview option that will let you know how the output will look after the machine is done cutting around things.

The Eclips2 is one of the best desktop cutters out there. If paper-based crafts are something you take a keen interest on, you will love this machine.


  • User-friendly,
  • Great with intricate designs,
  • Has Bluetooth feature,
  • Great cutting ability


  • Not for thick materials,
  • Free Software has limited features

3. Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE – Sign Making Kit with Design & Cut Software, Supplies & Tools

best vinyl cutters

The MH34in from USCutter is one of the most economically priced vinyl cutters you can possibly buy in its width range. We would like to inform you that this cutter has a cutting width of 31 inches and a cutting length of 8 feet. One can easily presume this unit to have 34 inches in width due to the name.

We found the cutting speed in MH34in to be around 350g. It can work with a decent range of materials which include standard and heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, craft paper, paint mast, etc.

However, if you work with a sandblast and reflective material a lot then we will highly discourage you from buying this unit as it struggles with such materials. The MH34in struggles with line media as well however that can be overcome by using carrier sheets during work.

The MH34in has various aspects that are very lovable. For instance, this cutter doesn’t require you to feed materials through the rolls. Once you put it above the rollers, the unit takes care of the job itself thanks to ball-bearing technology. The unit can queue orders on the basis of color and save time for those who work with large projects.

The MH34in comes with Vinyl Master Cut software which is quite good. It allows you to experiment with texts and curves. The vectorization tool and the tracking feature is there to process the work really well for the best possible output. The software, unfortunately, does not work on Mac computers.

Fortunately, however, the MH34in can be used with software like Sure Cuts A Lot too.

Perhaps the only cutting flaw with the MH34in was that it is underwhelming with complex designs. While it cuts simple to moderately simple designs well, the finishes aren’t great with really complex designs. This is one thing you need to consider if you plan on buying this.


  • Good software
  • Low price
  • Easy to operate
  • Decent cutting performance


  • Bad with complex designs

All in all, this is a great cutter. Value priced does a wide range of things and easy to operate. This one is a great choice for hobbyists or those in signage trade.

4. 31.5″ USCutter Laserpoint II Vinyl Cutter Bundle – Sign Cutting Plotter with Design & Cut Software

best vinyl cutters

The Laserpoint II from USCutter is a great option for hobbyists who work on larger projects. People working with labels and stickers would love this cutter too. This cutter has three versions of different cutting widths. Options include 25 inches, 31.5 inches, and 47 inches. The cutting length is 15 feet for all versions.

One aspect that we found the Laser point II to be particularly good at is with contour cutting. It is nothing short of excellent. Laser point II allows both manual and auto contour cutting. In the auto mode, the unit itself identifies registration points on the design to make cuts.

In the manual mode, you get to choose the points yourself. Unfortunately, the auto mode will not work for Mac users.

The cutting force of the Laser point II is about 800 g which gives considerable versatility to the machine. It allows adjusting the force according to the material being used to. It works pretty well with items like heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, craft paper, paint mask, vinyl, etc.

The Laser point II comes with Vinyl Master Cut as the primary software. It can be used with Sure Cuts A Lot too if you want. Unfortunately, this cutter doesn’t have Bluetooth and must be connected via USB. The software is pretty helpful. It has a preview function to tell us ahead how to load the feed properly.

The software has a Spool function to help the machine organize tasks on the basis of color so that work can be done faster. It has basic editing functions and designs which can be upgraded.

One particular disappoint was the quality of output when it comes to very intricate designs. While Laser point II is great with simple and somewhat complex designs, it struggles to cut very complex designs properly. Especially around the corners. You should give this unit a skip if you work with very complex designs.


  • Considerable cutting force,
  • Good price,
  • Great with contour cutting,
  • High width


  • No Bluetooth,
  • Bad with extremely complex designs

Other than that this is a pretty great unit. Completely value for money for the benefits it provides.

5. Big Shot Express

The Big Shot Express is a small DIY cutter with a width of 6 inches. It is best fitted for hobbyists and for making decals, signage and scrapbooking. The Big Shot Express is basically an upgrade of the highly popular Big Shot from the same makers except the Big Shot Express is better.

The Big Shot Express has an electric motor thus it cuts with power. It has automatic settings and can start doing operations from a press of a button. The cuts from what we saw were nothing short of perfect. Card makers and scrapbooking enthusiasts will love the machine. It is a great option for signage and decals as well. And to add to that, this unit can emboss as well.

We loved how user-friendly this machine is overall. It is perfect for children too. The makers even provided die adapters, cutting pads and an extendable platform to kick off operations smoothly. Materials that can work smoothly in the Big Shot Express include vellum, fabrics, leather, chipboard, felt, vinyl, cardstock, paper, etc.

This is a small DIY cutter for home-based users and hobbyists only. For heavy duty work, you are better off with another machine. All in all, the Big Shot Express is a great machine for newbies and users with simple needs.


  • Easy to use,
  • Cuts well,
  • Can emboss


  • Not for heavy tasks


6. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

best vinyl cutters

The Cricut Explore Air 2 has been one of the bestsellers in the market and for good reasons. The compact design and the helpful Control Panel makes it very easy to operate.

The cutting width in Explore Air 2 is 11.5 inches and length is 2 feet. The Explore Air 2 is highly versatile and works with a huge range of items. We would easily recommend this unit for use with materials like vinyl, cotton, paper, silk, fabric and more.

This unit can do its task on thicker materials like leather and wood too but for that, we’ll suggest you buy the Deep Cut blades separately.

The Explore Air 2 cuts well. Customers will particularly love the Smart Dial Set feature which basically optimizes the cutter to the most appropriate settings to cut a material once the user has notified which material they will be working with.

The pen feature helps to create a more personalized and handwritten theme on designs and the stylus helps with creating fold lines for cards or anything else.

Like every other Cricut product, the Explore Air 2 also comes with Cricut’s Design Space software and this is the only software that you can use with the unit. It’s a decent software overall.

One can easily get used to it. Its stock contains tons of designs to choose from and the Design Space software doesn’t trouble at all when it comes to converting the designs, images, and fonts which we upload and it converts for absolutely free of charges.

We also loved how the Explore Air 2 is Bluetooth enabled. A lot of us love the wire-free experience. The Cricut Software has an iOS version too. One notable, negative about this cutter was that it makes a bit of noise while cutting though nothing too irritating.

All in all, the Explore Air 2 has earned its place as one of the market’s bestsellers and you will definitely love it too.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast cutting
  • Good software


  • Makes a bit of noise
  • Separate blades for thick materials
  • Cannot use other software


7. Silhouette Cameo 3-4T Wireless Cutting Machine

best vinyl cutters

The Cameo 3 is the latest addition to Silhouette’s Cameo series. We loved the array of features it had. There were few areas though where the Cameo 3 disappointed.

Cutting force wise, the Cameo 3 does not improve much from its predecessors. With 221 grams per second in force, the Cameo 3 is capable of working on diverse materials but not the thick ones like chipboard or leather.

However, you can still use it on cereal box chipboard, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, lightweight fabrics and more. The cutting width in this one is around 12 inches while cutting length is 10 feet. The cutting quality of the Cameo 3 is great and impressive. Add to that the features, this vinyl cutter is pretty great for scrapbooking and larger signage projects.

Our love for the Cameo 3 has more to do with its features. Firstly, the blades in this cutter adjust pressure levels on their own depending on the material being used. We love how this cutter allows to draw and cut simultaneously without having to get up and adjust something.

The PixScan technology was a revelation. Basically, you place an image you desire to work with on a given mat and take a picture of it. The software will do the rest to identify the areas that need to be cut on its own to get you your desired designs. The same with designs you got from elsewhere. The Cameo 3 can print and cut them accordingly.


  • Works on diverse materials
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Works with multiple software
  • Rich with features


  • No increase in cutting force from Cameo 2
  • Cannot work on thick materials.

Silhouette rarely makes bad cutters. The Cameo 3 is no different. It is a feature-rich machine many would love to have.

8. Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

best vinyl cutters

The makers of Roland GS-24 described it as the best ever vinyl cutter. And we, agree with them on many levels. There are several areas in which the GS-24 screams perfection and excellence.

The GS-24 has a cutting downforce of 350 g. From what we found during research, it will cut materials 50-700 mm thick with ease. This includes items like vinyl, reflective vinyl, heat transfer material, sandblast, etc.

The blades in GS-24 are programmed to overlap as much as ten times to ensure the finest cuts making it perfect for decal and sign making businesses. And its rapid pace of cutting at 20 inches per second makes it even more appropriate for business as they handle large orders. Do we have to say more? We wholeheartedly recommend the GS-24.

An LCD screen, a convenient user panel, and levers are put in place for pretty good user experience. The panel and levers come handy in adjusting pressure, position and other aspects. The cutting width for the GS-24 is 23 inches. It accepts media spanning between 2-27.5 inches in size.

In terms of software, the GS-24 comes with a default one named CutStudio. It’s a moderately good software. There are plugins available that can ensure that you can use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw with the GS-24. However, Mac users should avoid this unit as CutStudio cannot run on Mac OS.


  • High cutting force
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Can cut through a variety of items
  • Adjustable features
  • Great plugins to use other software


  • Default software does not work on Mac

Few little drawbacks aside, the GS-24 is easily one of the best vinyl cutters in the market. One unit that you can recommend without thinking too much.

9. KNK Zing Orbit

best vinyl cutters

A good cutting force and the economic pricing ensured that the Zing Orbit from Klic N Kut made it our list of the best vinyl cutters in the market. The cutting force of the Zing Orbit was measured at 1000 grams. This made this machine versatile enough to work with a variety of materials.

During our research phase, we were thoroughly impressed with the precision with which the Zing Orbit cuts and the diverse range of items it can work with.

Materials it works with: Chipboard, fabric, heat transfer vinyl, vinyl, cardstock, craft plastic and more.

Cutting Width: Zing Orbit has two editions. One has a width of 15 inches and the other has a width of 24 inches.

Software: The Zing Orbit does not come with any software. You can use the software you’re comfortable with. In our observation, this unit provides stellar experience when used with Sure Cuts A Lot 4.


  • One can adjust cutting speed, depth, and pressure according to the material being worked upon.
  • Adjustable Pinch wheels in Zing Orbit and can be repositioned using levers to churn out as much precision as possible.
  • WiFi enabled: Finally, the wire-free and untangled experience that we all have been wanting since forever.
  • Works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows.
  • Is great at handling multiple orders. Risks of clogging up or causing jams are very little.
  • The Orbit doesn’t ask you to decompress the image file size as some machines do. It cuts according to the same size to which the printer prints a particular design.
  • The Orbit is great for contour cutting.  The Automatic Registration Tracking (ART) feature uses Optic Eye technology to capture four registration points in your design that helps to cut with greater precision and accuracy.


  • We didn’t find anything too bad about the Orbit.

However, we wished it came with the Orbiter tool that helps mark circular shapes. Too bad it doesn’t. Another drawback is that newbies will have to spend extra on a new cutting software.

So, that’s a brief overview of Zing Orbit. Considering the economic price, this unit is total value for money.

You can read the full review of the Orbit here. Check out one of the best prices for this unit here.

10. Silhouette Curio Cutting Tool

best vinyl cutters

Versatility is what makes the Silhouette Curio stand out. This is not just a mere cutter. The Curio can do a lot more than just that. It can deboss and emboss, it can etch, it can print and cut at the same time as well as do a lot other interesting stuff.

The Curio is a pretty small unit with a cutting width of 8.5 inches and a length of 12 inches. We found the cutting force to amount to around 210g. This isn’t that high but this unit does work with quite a number of items.

We found this unit working seamlessly with items like fabric, foam, vinyl, leather, cardstock and more. If you want to work with thicker materials over 2 mm, you can always purchase the Deep Cut blades separately which will get your work done.

We loved the performance that the Curio put in. The embossing and a debossing feature are pretty great. The Curio is capable of creating nicely etched outputs on materials like metal with its etching ability. The Print & Cut feature is pretty awesome too.

Basically, it makes the unit capable of cutting the designs printed. The height is adjustable so that you can get the perfect height for the material you’re working on. And the large clearance of the Curio’s cutting compartment makes it very easy to work with items like wood and leather.

Software-wise, the Curio comes with Silhouette’s Studio Software. This unit is packed with versatile features and we recommend you use the default software if you want to make full use of the embossing, debossing and other capabilities. Moreover, you get to download pretty great designs from the online marketplace too.


  • A wide range of features,
  • Adjustable height,
  • Large Clearance


  • Thick materials will need separate blades

The Curio can be a great option as a standalone cutter. However, it will be a delightful experience to have this unit to complement a bigger one. The most lovable aspect of this unit is not its cutting ability but the amazing features it comes with.

Best Commercial Vinyl Cutters

1. GRAPHTEC FC8600-60 Vinyl Cutter

Perhaps the best commercial cutter from Graphtec. The FC8600 is available in five different width sizes. The smallest one has a width of 24 inches and the largest one offers 64 inches of cutting width. The cutting length is set at a maximum of 164 feet.

The FC8600 is built well. It is sturdy enough to work hours on one go. Thankfully, the owners provide a media catch basket with this unit. Packaging, labels, and stickers are materials this unit handles with ease. This machine can work its way through materials like amberlith, rubylith, automotive window films, masking media, high-intensity reflective films and lots of other materials too.

The FC8600 is as good as it gets as far as the cutting ability of a machine is concerned. The machine cuts accurately and precisely and holds its accuracy together over long lengths too. The Automated Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) feature puts this cutter in a league of its own as far as contour cutting goes.

This machine is brilliant when it comes to contour cutting. Overall, we found the cutting to be precise and capable of handling the trickiest of designs.

The Graphtec Studio software accompanying the FC8600 is a good one too. It allows importing EPS format files as well as importing files from software like Illustrator or CorelDraw with ease. Graphtec Studio even has various editing functions. And the best part is that the FC8600 has Ethernet capability for wireless connectivity.


  • Strong and powerful to handle commercial operations
  • Versatile and can handle various materials
  • Accurate and precise cutting
  • Great contour cutting ability
  • Decent, user-friendly software
  • Comes with free catch basket
  • Allows wireless connectivity


  • Not anything significant that comes to mind

All in all, any business owner or serious craftist will love having this powerhouse around. It is a worthwhile investment any day.

2. Graphtec PLUS CE6000-60 24 Inch Professional Vinyl Cutter

The Graphtec CE6000 is best fitted for serious hobbyists and those in the trade of decals, stickers and such as well as those who deal with signage and various kinds of heat transfer vinyl cutting.

The CE6000 comes in 3 versions of varying cutting width. While width can be either 15 inches, 24 inches or 48 inches, the maximum cutting length is the same for all set at about 164 feet.

We found the CE6000 to be strong both internally and externally making it capable of working long hours at a stretch. The unit settings can be adjusted using the LCD screen, however, the makers not providing a free catch basket was a bummer.

The CE6000 is pretty versatile and can cut various forms of vinyl, packaging, labels, card stock, sandblast templates, rhinestone pattern media, heat transfer vinyl, and light reflective films among other materials.

The accuracy and precision are prime reasons why we recommend CE6000. The Automated Registration Mark Sensor makes this machine capable of putting registration marks by itself to produce highly precise contour cutting.

The CE6000 has a decent speed that one would expect from a cutter that is handling large orders. And the CE6000 is extremely user-friendly too. It helps the user load media properly and prevents it from going out of control. The unit can save 8 preset settings for future use and the software is pretty great too.

Graphtec Studio as a software has decent editing options and it allows hassle-free import of files as well from software like CorelDraw and Illustrator. The CE6000 requires USB cable connectivity and we hated the fact there isn’t any wireless connection option.

That’s CE6000 from Graphtec in a nutshell. Ideal for small businesses and serious hobbyists. One you can always consider buying. Click here to read the review to learn more about this unit.


  • Great with contour cutting
  • Decent software
  • Capable of working long shifts
  • Accurate cutting
  • Versatile and can work with various materials


  • No catch basket provided
  • No wireless connectivity

3. 28″ USCutter Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter

The Titan 3 is a successor to the Titan 2 and is better in a few ways than it as one would expect. The Titan 3 would be a great option if you work with light materials a lot. The vacuum pull feature gives a better grip over light materials to help the machine deliver better and more precise cuts. This feature helps to make precise cuts over long lengths too.

Just like Titan 2, the Titan 3 is great with contour cutting as well. You can take help from the software to put automatic registration marks on the design to cut precisely or you can put them over manually as well if you want to.

Speed and force are adjustable in this unit. A maximum cutting force of 750g gives this machine command over various kinds of materials. It can work easily with stuff like paint mask material, adhesive vinyl, window film, sandblast stencil, hard paperboard and more.

The VinylMaster Cut, one of the best software out there comes for free with this machine. It helps put registration marks automatically if you don’t want to do so manually. It comes with loads of editing features and editable items like fonts, auto shapes, etc.

Files of PDF, AI, and EPS format can be easily imported in this software. The machine has a true USB feature to send files direct sending of files from software to machine.

The Titan 3 has three versions of widths 28 inches, 53 inches, and 68 inches. The maximum cutting length is the same for all three at 25 feet. Internally and externally, it is strong and capable of handling long hours of tasks.

The only downside is that the software, VinylMaster Cut, isn’t Mac compatible. Apple users will have to use Sure Cuts A Lot and will thus miss out on the highly coveted ARMS feature that helps set registration marks automatically for great contour cutting.


  • Versatile
  • Great software
  • Great contour cutting
  • Precise and accurate cutting
  • Great for light materials
  • Spooling feature
  • True USB feature


  • The software isn’t Mac Compatible
  • Mac users cannot use Automated Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) feature

USCutter is a name you can trust on making great machines and competitive prices and the Titan 3 doesn’t disappoint at all on this regard. Do strongly consider buying this one!

4. USCutter 28-inch Titan 2 Vinyl Cutter

Titan 2 is one of the best vinyl cutters from USCutter and we would recommend this to most people any day. The aluminum frame makes this machine a well-built one. To our pleasure, we found that the makers provide a stand and media catch basket as well with the package.

Quality control cutting is what the Titan 2 does best. The software allows the use of the Automated Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) feature which automatically puts registration marks around the design for precise cutting.

If you’re not happy with the automatically set marks during the preview, you can manually set the points too. The cutting thanks to a powerful servo motor and decent blades is precise and very accurate.

The Titan 2 has two versions, one having a cutting width of 28 inches and another one with a width of 53 inches. The cutting length for both is 25 feet at most. Sandblast mask, laminate, cardstock, paint mask stencil, different forms of vinyl and various reflective materials can be easily taken care of with this machine. To our delight, the cutting speed and force can be adjusted according to project nature as well.

The VinylMaster Cut which is the default software that the Titan 2 comes with is one of the best out there. We found the vector tools to be great. Importing files like PDF, AI or EPS is very easy. And there are loads of editable items and editing features too.

There is also a function named spool which allows you to make queues based on color when working on multiple tasks. This way it eliminates the need to switch vinyl rolls based on color.

Our only regret is that the cutter’s software doesn’t work with Mac OS. Apple users will have to rely on Sure Cuts A Lot to use this machine with. But then again, the ARMS feature for contour cutting cannot be used through SCAL as it is only available in Vinyl master Cut.

Otherwise, this is a great cutting machine that is totally worth the money. Perhaps one of the most value for money machines out there.

5. Klic-N-Kut MAXX Air 15 inch Die Cut Machine

best vinyl cutters

The KNK Maxx Air is a vinyl cutter that is meant for serious business which hobbyists and home-based users can use as well.

With a high cutting force of 1500g, the Maxx Air is highly versatile. From what we found, the Maxx Air is equally great with thick materials like rubber, leather, sheet metal, etc. and is also just as great with lighter materials like vinyl, sheet, cardstock, etc. And the cutting width is 24 inches in this one.

Software wise, there is a great deal of freedom in store for us. Maxx Air can work with popular software in the market like Sure Cuts A Lot 4 and Make the Cut. The manufacturer provides their own software named KNK Studio as well with the package. From our observations, it is a pretty cool software that is capable of making really intricate designs.

The Maxx Air’s cutting quality is as impressive as its force. This machine cuts through smoothly to our delight. A rapid speed of 800 mm per second is bound to save you time in case you work with big projects. And to add to all of it, the Maxx Air has adjustable pinch rollers for better results also.

The Maxx Air requires a USB connection with a computer, however, Windows users will be able to use the Bluetooth feature as well.


  • High Cutting force,
  • Works with a variety of thick and light materials,
  • Bluetooth enabled,
  • Works with multiple software,
  • Great default software,
  • Fast cutting


  • A bit heavy,
  • Tablet and iPad users cannot use Bluetooth

The Maxx Air is one of KNK’s finest. Having a unit like this one leaves very little to worry about afterward. Definitely worth a buy!


The Only Guide You’ll Need To Pick The Right Vinyl Cutter

It is easy to get all overwhelmed and confused when trying to figure out whether a vinyl cutter machine is worth the purchase or not. Luckily for you, this process comes down to a few basics. When buying a new machine, there are only a few factors that you need to consider. They are as follows:

Commercial Cutter or Personal Cutter 

The people who use a vinyl cutter can be divided into two parts. There are those of you who are hobbyists and there are those who intend to use a vinyl cutter for commercial purposes like signage business for instance.

What a vinyl cutter has to be like will depend largely on whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial user. If you are a hobbyist then you should be looking at a vinyl cutter that is within an affordable budget, can be operated easily, takes little space and does projects perfectly with a few material types.

However, when it comes to using a vinyl cutter for commercial purposes, you should have a healthy budget in hand as quality is a huge factor in business.

Apart from budget, your ideal vinyl cutter should be able to cut through a wide variety of materials apart from dealing with difficult and large designs.


Price is obviously a big factor when it comes to vinyl cutters just like any other product. If you are willing to spill a lot of money, you would be easily able to fetch a cutter that glides through the most complex of designs with ease. Money can also get you a cutter that can cut across a wide variety of materials at great speeds.

However, technology has come a long way thankfully and great cutters that work smoothly on select few materials are available at easily affordable prices.

Keep an eye on our reviews on this site. We will help you find out vinyl cutters that do a great job on materials like vinyl, paper, craft foam, decal vinyl, and several others while coming at extremely low prices.

Size Available for Printing

The printing size of a vinyl cutter is of utmost importance as it is usually this feature that determines to what extent the user can play around with designs with that model. The most basic cutters in the market allow only a couple of inches worth of printing surface.

Sizes, however, range between 6 to 64 inches among the cutters available in the market today. However, you ideally should be looking to purchase one that allows at least 9 to 12 inches in width. This will allow you to experiment with a broad range of projects.

There are the commercial vinyl cutters out there in the market as well. They allow two feet of width in minimum and even more than that in some models which are required for the production of items like banners and signage.


Since they are called vinyl cutters, their primary focus should be on cutting vinyl. However, those of us in crafts and art like to use them for cutting various kinds of materials. In any case, good vinyl cutters are able to cut across a variety of items.

When buying one, you should be looking for one that can cut around 10-12 different kinds of materials as it is likely that you would want to experiment with new things at some point in time. Don’t worry though! Vinyl cutters today that come at budget pricing are able to handle a decent range of materials.

In the past, choosing a cutter that can handle various types of material often meant that one has to sacrifice the perfection with which it is able to cut vinyl. This is a lot less the case now. Nowadays, cutters balance well between versatility and sharpness of cuts.

For instance, the leading vinyl cutters in the market today come with pinch rollers. These pinch rollers are capable of changing the extent of pressure applied while cutting depending on the type of material it is cutting through. This allows the user great liberty to use the cutting machine with various kinds of materials.

Quality of Cutting

What good is a vinyl cutter if it does not cut well? Indeed, the quality of cuts varies greatly between models. How well a vinyl cutter cuts comes down to a few items inside them. Firstly, there are the motors. A vinyl cutter either has a stepper or a servo motor as its drive motor.

Vinyl cutters with stepper motors have lower prices however they have their downsides too. A stepper motor tends to be noisier which can be a cause of irritation and they aren’t all too great with intricate and complex designs also.

Servo motors, on the other hand, are faster, quieter and work with great finesse overcomplicated designs. The best vinyl cutters in the market today usually have servo motors. This is made possible due to the fact that servo motors are controlled by software commands leaving no room for mistakes.

Whether a vinyl cutter will cut greatly or not will depend on the availability of other factors as well such as pinch rollers. Pinch rollers adjust the force applied by cutters automatically once it detects the material it has to cut through.

For tougher materials, it increases pressure and for softer ones, it decreases the pressure. This makes way for better and more refined cuts. Apart from these, there are various other features that leading vinyl cutters in the market have today.

Some tangential blades that rotate smoothly around corners of designs to cut perfectly without losing pace. Some cutters in the market today are able to do a great job of detecting printed registration marks. We will inform you in details regarding how well a particular vinyl cutter does in its own detailed review.


When it comes to software for use with vinyl cutters, there is little doubt that Adobe Illustrator leads the pack. However, there are several other great software out there too like VinlyMaster Cut and Cricut Design Space. The leading vinyl cutters in the market today come with its own design and cut software which allows smooth transfer of fonts and designs.

This software requires that you install them into the computer once the machine has been put together and connected to your computer. Our vinyl cutter reviews where we cover each model will also inform you how well the software that comes with that particular model is.


Speaking of software, one cannot overlook the ability of modern day vinyl cutters to connect easily. The best vinyl cutter machines in the market today have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity features integrated into them. You can always use this feature effectively to add a great deal of comfort to your everyday life.

With easy connectivity, you do not have to be near to your cutting machine all the time anymore. Feel free to work on designs in the comfort of your bedroom and send them easily for cutting while the cutter is in another room. Keep a close eye on the individual vinyl cutter reviews of different models to know how well each model fares in terms of connectivity.


So that was all from us at Fully Reviewed. Hope you found our vinyl cutter reviews and guide helpful. We have tried to the best of our ability to help our readers pick the best vinyl cutter that suits their needs perfectly. We hope that we are successful in our mission!

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